Foreign buyers

For foreign buyers


1) Do you ship to Europe/USA/Kanada?
- Yes!

2) By what company do you ship?

- We usually ship by Russian Post.

3) How may I pay for your products?

- We use Pay Pal.

4) Do you insure the goods?

- Yes, according to the customer.

5) How to make order?
- You can order on the site or if you don't understand write to our e-mail 

6) What happens if the parcel does not pass customs control?

- а)We will refund the amount minus the amount of delivery 

- b)Send it again, if the cargo was insured

7) How are you packing?

- Some items (ТГП-А), we separate in two  parts and send in two parcels for successful custom control.

8) How long time should I wait parcel?

-  Usually it get about 30 days, once in awhile it need more time. 

9) Why price in dollars is higher than the price in rubles ?

- Because it includes commission of Russian bank.

10)The average shipping coast for one parcel is 38 USD